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Smoke saunas 

Since the time of Kalevala, saunas have been important part of cultural heritage in the Eastern Finland. It's way of life, a place for physical and spiritual cleansing, for bonding with each other, for getting bare in all senses of the word and entering the core of humanity. Smoke sauna  (Savusauna) is the oldest type of Finnish sauna. Heating smoke sauna takes several hours and is very labor intensive, but on the other hand - the experience is said to be superior to all other saunas. The scent of smoke, silence, darkness and relaxing atmosphere is something you have to experience at least once during your holiday -preferably even more often!  


Viitakko smoke sauna

The tourism farm Viitakko located in Tuusjärvi has a traditional smoke sauna that is heated for groups based on bookings. Why not make a night of it, and also enjoy the other versatile activities offered by Viitakko - contact us for a quote! 

● Beach

● Hot tub / outdoor jacuzzi

● Wood-burning sauna

● Catering services

● Conference rooms and services

● Equipment rental

● Entertainment and accommodation services

●     Food ingredients, dishware and cutlery and hut use

Rental of entire sauna for private use

€ 200-225


Eräpaimen smoke sauna

Located by the pure Lake Suvasvesi in southern Tuusniemi is the atmospheric Eräpaimen smoke sauna. Request a quote for the Eräpaimen cottage accommodation and the versatile food and entertainment services available.

● Accommodation services

● Fishing, cray-fishing and hunting activities/courses.

● Spacious hut for up to 30 people

● Catering services

● The sauna can fit around 10 guests at a time

Rental of entire sauna for private use

€ 200-225


Majarinne smoke sauna

A small, idyllic smoke sauna, which belongs to Majarinne cottage at the lake Rikkavesi. Smoke sauna is available only for accommodation guests.  

  • Beach

  • Accommodation

  • BBQ hut

  • The sauna can fit max. 6 people

Cost of smoke sauna when accommodation booked

€ 80

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