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Cultural-historical places to visit in the surrounding municipalities



Finland's most famous and beloved national landscapes open from the highest peaks of Koli National Park. Koli National Park is a diverse mosaic of old forests, cliffs, caves, bogs, creeks, sandy beaches, cultural environments, islands and, at the beginning of summer, flowering basins. The 80-kilometer network of trails invites you to explore the peace of nature - you can also book and stay in rental parks in the national park.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 103 km

Distance from Kaavi : 99 km 


Valamo Monastery

Valamo Monastery is a living center of Orthodox faith and culture. The monastery, beautifully situated in nature, welcomes guests all year round. To the monastery  can be easily reached by boat from Lake Juojärvi or  Through Heinävesi (Karvio canal) or by hiking along the Tuusniemi Monastery Hiking route in the south.  

The monastery has immeasurably valuable Art Collections, accommodation and program services, a restaurant, a souvenir shop and the Alko Point, where it is possible to buy the monastery's famous wines.  During the summer, the monastery organizes  Juojärvi cruises  M / S Sergei.  

Distance from Tuusniemi: 51  km

Distance from Schemes : 68  km 


Lintula Monastery

Lintula Holy Trinity Monastery is an Orthodox convent that operates in the village of Palok in Heinävesi.

During the summer, Lintula Monastery has tourist activities - a small shop, a café, a few accommodation units for rent and guided tours.


The idyllic cottage accommodation in an abbey setting has received excellent reviews on tourist sites.   

Distance from Tuusniemi:  38.9  km

Distance from Schemes : 55.8  km 

Things to do and experience in neighbouring municipalities

As our region is located right at the heart of travel in Eastern Finland, lots of amazing places to visit are located within an hour’s drive.


Koli national park

The highest points of the Koli National Park display a full panoramic view to the most well-known and beloved scenery in Finland. The Koli National Park is a versatile mosaic of ancient forests, cliffs, caves, bogs, creeks, sandy beaches, cultural environments, islands, and meadows bursting into bloom in early summer. Versatile tourist services around the year.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 103 km

Distance from Kaavi: 99 km 


The New Valamo Monastery

The New Valamo Monastery is the living hub of Orthodox Christian faith and culture. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful nature and welcomes visitors around the year. You can easily reach the monastery by water through the Juojärvi and Heinävesi (Karvio channel) water bodies or by trekking on the southern Tuusniemi Monastery hike trail.

The monastery has priceless art collections, and offers accommodation and event services, a restaurant, a souvenir shop, and an Alko branch where you can buy the famous fruit wines made in the monastery. In the summers, lake cruises start from the monastery harbour.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 51 km

Distance from Kaavi: 68 km 


The Lintula Convent

The Lintula Holy Trinity Convent is an Orthodox Christian convent operating in the Palokki village in Heinävesi. The Lintula Convent has tourism activities during the summer season - a small shop, a cozy summer café with excellent pastries, small-scale accommodation, and guided tours.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 38,9 km

Distance from Kaavi: 55,8 km 


Tiilikkajärvi national park

The park's lovely lakeshores include the beautiful beach of Venäjänhiekka (Russian Sands), whose name relates to the 1595 Treaty of Teusina which divided these lands between Sweden and Russia. An old border stone in Lake Tiilikkajärvi still bears a crown and a cross symbolising the two countries. A sandy esker ridge formation runs through the lake, adding to the varied natural scene. Slow down, relax, and enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake.

Recommended for independent hikers who love nature. 

Distance from Tuusniemi: 122 km

Distance from Kaavi: 103 km 


Orinoro gorge

Orinoro is a narrow gorge with vertical walls, carved by glaciers during the last Ice Age. It is approximately 200 m long, with a maximum depth of almost 20 m. There is a spring at the bottom of the gorge, and snow and ice remain there as late as June.

Demanding or unusual-looking lichen species, such as tree lungwort and Arctic kidney lichen, are also found in the area. The Orinoro Gorge is listed on the list of important geological sites published by the Finnish Geology Research Center. There is an approximately 7 km long nature trail that provides excellent examples of typical Finnish nature in its different forms. The trail passes two ponds and a forest lean-to, which provides a comfortable setting to have a break and roast sausages. 

Distance from Tuusniemi: 93 km

Distance from Kaavi: 81 km 


Outokumpu Old Mill museum

The old mill in Outokumpu is a valuable remnant of construction history. The mill became a popular tourism destination after mining activities ceased in 1954. Get to know how a miner spent his workday in authentic surroundings. Huge mining equipment, the origins of ore, the history of ore in Outokumpu, life in the mining town across the years. The area also has restaurant services, a mining shop, a disc golf course and a children’s mine - Finland’s biggest sandpit. 


Distance from Tuusniemi: 35,5 km

Distance from Kaavi: 46,2 km 


Tahko skiing center

If you like down-hill skiing, there is no need to travel all the way to Lapland. From Tuusniemi and Kaavi you can easily make a day trip to Tahko, one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland with many restaurants and possibilities for various outdoor activities all year around. In addition to slopes, Tahko has excellent sports facilities eg. two full-length golf courses, sports hall, tennis courts, numerous marked paths for hiking and mountain biking,  a well-equipped marina and great fishing possibilities at Lake Syväri, Lake Vuotjärvi and in the Lastukoski rapids. An abandoned strip mining area nearby is nowadays a venue for opera performances. 

Distance from Tuusniemi: 69 km

Distance from Kaavi: 49,7 km 


City of Kuopio

From Tuusniemi and Kaavi you can easily access the city of Kuopio in the heart of Savo district, located on the shores of lake Kallavesi.

From Kuopio you can find all services you can imagine about, the most restaurants per capita in Finland, interesting museums and other points of interests such as Puijo Tower, Kuopio market square, Väinölänniemi beach etc. During summer time we recommend to travel by a steam boat from Southern Tuusniemi to Kuopio via on of the most beautiful waterways of Finland. 

Distance from Tuusniemi: 59 km

Distance from Kaavi: 56,7 km 


City of Joensuu

Joensuu is a university town and the lively capital of the North Karelia districty. With the total population of 74 168 (of which almost 20,000 are pupils and students) Joensuu is the second biggest town in Eastern Finland. 

The city of Joensuu offers many possibilities for different kinds of activities. High-quality cultural events and the clean environment increase the attractiveness of the city.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 78,6 km

Distance from Kaavi: 91 km 


Juankoski ironworks area

The Juankoski ironworks environment is one of the largest and best preserved ironworks areas in Finland. Several production buildings can be seen, such as the blast furnace containment building, the rolling and rolling mill, the machine shop, the foundry, the office and the iron warehouse. There are also several residential buildings from the 19th century, the oldest ironworks manor on Patruunanmäki. In Finland, the only ones of its kind are the school church and Pikonniemi's coal stoves. In addition to these, the water tower and garden room built in the early 20th century, the clubhouse and the locomotive garage, as well as the barn on the edge of the square, complement the ironworks area, telling about the mill's diverse impact on the community.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 34.8 km

Distance from Kaavi : 15.4 km


Pisa nature reserve

Did you know that the Tower of Pisa can also be found in Savo? The Pisa nature reserve located in Lastukoski, Nilsiä, is famous for its lake and hill landscapes, which you can admire from an observation tower located on the highest point of the Pisanmäki hill. On the top of the hill, you can also have a look at the Treaty of Teusina border markings, carved on the stone over 400 years ago. 

Distance from Tuusniemi: 63 km

Distance from Kaavi : 42 km


Palokki rapids, Ronttopuisto park & café Saurus

Right by the famous Palokki rapids, there is an interesting place to visit and take a break for the whole family – even a few dinosaurs have found their way there!

Café Saurus operates in Ronttopuisto during the summers. An exhibition in the café informs visitors of the interesting history of the place, largely related to fishing. You can also purchase a fishing licence from the café to the adjacent Palokki salmon ponds. Outside the café there is a playground with lots of things to do for your youngest family members.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 38,7 km

Distance from Kaavi: 55,5 km 


Outokumpu wilderness and nature centre

The Outokumpu wilderness and nature centre is a great place for a day trip in nature for the whole family. There are nature trails, a kayaking route spread across 12 lakes, the Musta and Valkeinen fishing zone, and the accessible Lasten kalakeidas fishing site for children. The nature trail (7 km) marked with signs starts at the camping site and there are many campfire sites along it. You can take day trips and go fishing in the area around the year.

More information about fishing:

Distance from Tuusniemi: 36 km

Distance from Kaavi: 39 km 


Pääskyvuori Skiing center, Heinävesi 

A small skiing center for the whole family in the Eastern Finland. Four slopes with a height difference of 102 meters for all skill levels. 

  • The longest slope 700 meters

  • Suitable slopes for all skill levels

  • Renovated Snowpark

  • Equipment rental

  • Connection to cross-country skiing and snowmobile trails

  • Ski-school 

  • Cafeteria and pizzeria

  • Observation tower at the top of the hill

Price example: ski rental 22 eur/3h, lift tickets 24 eur/3 h. Children under 6 yo. free of charge. 

Distance from Tuusniemi: 71 km

Distance from Kaavi: 89 km 

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 16.19.14.png

Alahovi Winery

An excellent place to visit for all gastronomy enthusiasts! Since 1995, the Alahovi winery located on the Vaajasalo island has been producing high-quality fruit wine, liquors, ciders and, most recently, beers. There are also lots of activities for children, including a play cabin dating back to the 1800s, a large chess board, and a doll nursing home. During summers, you can reach the winery through regular ferries from Kuopio passenger harbour and also by your own boat.

Distance from Tuusniemi: 49 km

Distance from Kaavi: 43,5 km 

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