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Cultural-historical places to visit in the surrounding municipalities

Local Food and Berry Farms -
Delicacies from rural Finland!

Berries, vegetables, honey, eggs, Karelian pies and high-quality local, organic produce. Visit a farm or pop by a local food event in a rural market square and you will not only find fresh produce - but also plenty of joy to go with your finds! 

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Iivananpuro berry farm

Iivananpuro is one of the biggest berry farms in Eastern Finland. The farm grows its produce at the border between the Savo and North Karelia regions, in Maarianvaara, Kaavi.

The main strawberry varieties grown at the farm include Polka, Rumba and Marwina. The farm also grows a number of other products, such as raspberries, currants, potatoes, and sells its own strawberry lemonade!


Voutila farm

Organically grown pedigree cattle in Kaavi! The Voutila farm has been operating since 1815 and is located in Kotakylä, Kaavi. The cattle graze in the beautiful rural scenery of North Savo all through the summer and spend their winters in a free-range cowshed.

We select the finest organic Aberdeen Angus beef for sale. The meat products are available at the K-Market Timantti grocery shop in Kaavi, the farm website,  and you can also naturally buy them from the farm.


Päivärinne strawberry farm

The Päivärinne strawberry farm is a berry farm located in Luikonlahti, Kaavi. Visit the farm to buy delicious strawberries and other berries, such as raspberries. You can either pick your own berries or buy them ready to eat. Seasonal produce, such as potatoes, green peas, bilberries and cloudberries are also sold at the farm. The farm is easy to reach by car and there is plenty of parking space available.


poultry farm

Locally produced eggs, fresh from Tuusniemi! The chickens at the farm, owned by a family company, are free-range and fed with locally produced grains, which give the eggs an excellent flavour. The farm shop is open every day on request. 

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Kuusela berry farm

The delicious strawberries and raspberries of the Kuusela farm ripen on the beautiful fields of Kojanlahti, Tuusniemi. The farm also offers seasonal vegetables, such as new potatoes, onions, dill and green peas. You can also order blackcurrants, forest berries, jams and freshly squeezed strawberry juice and hand-made Karelian pies.

The outdoor area of the farm has a lovely summer kiosk with a terrace. The kiosk sells ice-cream, coffee, lemonade and sweets. A traditional Karelian prayer house with lace-like wooden ornaments has also been built in the farm garden.


Mummon Marja & Vegetable T: mi

Summer flowers and seasonal, organic vegetables (carrots, cucumber, onions, tomatoes and herbs), currents and gooseberries in Tuusjärvi. Summer flowers are sold after mid-June, vegetables during the season starting in July.


Berry farm Kyllönen

Black and red currants. Inquiries tatum.miettinen (a)


Toivanen J. rye flour

Organically grown rye flour without pesticides. Also sold at the Koivuharju poultry farm and the farmers’ market.


Heimonen Garden

Heimosen Puutarha is a traditional company that has been operating for over 50 years. The company grows Finnish and local flowers, produce, and raspberries grown in a greenhouse. The company’s products are sold via an online shop at the company website - delivery service also available.

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