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Guided nature activities

You will find lots of things to do and experience in Tuusniemi that will keep you occupied all summer long. We particularly recommend the guided activities that provide you with a brand new view into nature and the laid-back lifestyle of the Savo region. Learn to cook delicacies of wild herbs and game, relax your mind by engaging in forest yoga or bathing in a steam sauna.

Cooking courses and food-related activities

Game food course

Learn to cook game meat on an open fire under the instruction of a professional chef. The dishes may include game sausage made of rabbit and pigeon meat, sautéed game stew made of mallard and rabbit meat, and, to top it all, filled mallard fillets with the skin on. After cooking the meal, you will get to enjoy it in good company and a pleasant atmosphere by the fire. You can also book this activity for your summer cottage - contact us for a quote! 


Price includes: 

  • A theory lesson and recipies

  • Guidance of the chef

  • Ingredients and use of equipment and premise


Group size: 4-10 people

Duration 2-3 h. 

35-75  €


A "fired-up" dinner experience

This package is hot, literally! Activity includes a welcome toast, fire show, light dinner and bathing in a traditional smoke sauna, which is reserved privately for the group. 

Group size 6-10 people.

For more information and to sign-up contact: 
Minna Rajamo 040 5907 917,


Meijerintie 16, 71200 Tuusniemi


70 eur


Wild Herb course

Finland’s nature provides healthy and delicious local food free of charge.  On this course, you will learn to pick wild herbs and prepare delicious food from them. We will use the wild herbs to cook a menu with a few courses and taste the foods by a campfire.

Price includes: 

  • A theory lesson and recipies

  • Guidance of the chef

  • Ingredients and use of equipment and premises

*Also available to be organised privately at your cottage! Ask for an offer! 

**Please note! Available only on May-June.


Group size: 4-10 people

Duration 2-3 h. 

35-50  €


Hire a wilderness chef for your summer cottage

Why go to a restaurant when you can make the restaurant come to you? A wilderness chef will prepare an impressive dinner using healthy local ingredients on an open fire or on a barbecue based on your specific wishes.

Price includes: 

  • Guidance of the chef

  • Ingredients and use of equipment and premises

Group size: 4-10 people

Duration 2-3 h. 

35 €

Food courses
Fishing and hunting
Hunting and fishing activities 

Moose hunting
with dogs

Participate in an exciting moose hunting experience! Hunting begins at the end of September and lasts until 31.12. or when all the permits quotas are used.

Price includes: 

  • Services of a professional hunting guide

  • One warm meal +coffee break on open fire

  • Adjusting gun and shooting at a target

  • Guest license

For extra cost

  • Wounding a moose 50 € 

  • Hornspike payment and hunting trophies - see "read more" 


'Must be booked 2 months in advance.

Price per person from

€ 400


Calling in a bull

Seeing a bull moose is an impressive and unforgettable experience! This activity is possible during the moose mating season in September at early morning or at twilight, when the bull moose are very sensitive to react on any possible rival and they come to have a look at it.

The wind must be nearly breathless (weather permitting).


Duration ca 2 h. 

Group size 1-4 persons

Price includes:

  • Transportation to the forest

  • Services of a professional hunting guide 

No charge if moose does not appear in sight. 

Price per person

35  €


Rabbit or fox

Rabbit and moose hunting in the beautiful nature of Eastern Finland is a great way to spend time with your friends or corporate guests. Hunting season for rabbit  is from 1.9. until  28.2. and fox from 1.8. until 30.4. 

Group size 1-6 persons. 

Price includes: 

  • Guest license

  • Coffee break and sausages on open fire

  • Services of a professional hunting guide. 

Duration from 3 to 6 hours. 

Must be booked 14 days in advance. 

Price per person

€ 40-70


Wetland mallard hunting

Get an amazing experience of mallard hunting on a wetland close to the main premises of Suvaksen matkailu. Suitable for both private and small groups. The wetland is also accessible for people with disabilities. Waterfowl hunting season takes place from August until late October.

Price includes: 

  • Services of the hunting guide

  • Usage of the hunting dog

  • Guest license

For extra cost:

  • Accommodation services

Must be reserved 2 months in advance.

Price per person

€ 150



The hunting trip starts from Vaikon loma ja Lohi from Kärenkoski, where we stay in log cabins. On our own land, we hunt on either rabbits or gamefowl; as well as you can participate in deer hunting as a guest of our hunting club. Duration of the hunt of your choice.

Price per person

Upon request


Fishing in Vaikkojoki

The fishing trip starts from Vaikon Loma ja Lohi Kärenkoski, where we stay in log cabins. Duration of fishing according to your choice. In Kärenkoski, you can also fish for rainbow iron in the side of the rapids in a unique salmon pond shaped by nature.

Price per person

Upon request

Well-being & mindfulness 
Yoga and mindfulness

Wetland Enchantment 

Suon Lumo – Wetland Enchantment nature trip includes familiarisation with the Silmäsuo wetlands nature reserve and its unique environment. The scent and atmosphere of the wetlands and gentle relaxation exercises are sure to put even the busiest mind at rest. In addition to the hike, the trip includes body mindfulness, relaxation, forest yoga and sensory awareness exercises, and drinking coffee made in a coffee pot on an open campfire as is the local tradition.   


According to the season, there is a possibility to pick berries or mushroom.

Price per person

€ 35


Forest Enchantment

The purpose of the Metsien Lumo – Forest Enchantment nature trip is to be present in the moment and find a connection with nature. The trip includes a short hike on the Seinävuoren Rotkolaakso trail, various relaxation exercises and forest yoga. The trip culminates with eating local food in the wilderness. The instructors are experts in the wellbeing of the body and mind.


Group size 4-8 person

Price per person

€ 70

Sports and outdoors activities

Forest Yoga

Forest yoga is a great way to dive into nature to calm down and breathe in the clean and refreshing air as well as awaken your body and senses.

Forest yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of condition and age. For everyone who enjoys being in nature. You need flexible, appropriate clothing and your own uneducated, open-minded and open-minded.

In forest yoga, we do traditional yoga exercises in nature and enjoy the forest, its scents and sounds with all our senses. The exercises are easy and gentle, doing them in the heart of nature will help you relax and unwind. The forest teaches patience and understanding that everything happens in time, in its own cycle. Held on summer Mondays from June 14, 2021. See event calendar. 

Price per person

€ 7


Immersion in the forest

During the immersion trip, you get a 1.5-2.5 hour deep dive into the woods. You return to a deeper presence and connection with nature. Excursions include immersion in the forest, the principles of mindfulness, yoga and many moments of stopping. You will enjoy wonderful nature and powerful exercises, and you will get to know the well-being effects of nature.

The places are the Seinävuori gorge valley and the landscapes of Silmäsuo in Tuusniemi. If you want to immerse yourself in your own scenery, you can do that too.

This is a great way for work communities to celebrate Empty Day, not always having to perform but can surrender to be taken away by nature and the mind.

Price per person 


Culture and entertainment

Tuomaala riding school 

The Tuomaala farm is a brilliant place to visit for families with children and anyone interested in riding horses. This is a working farm occupied by ponies and horses as well as other domestic animals, such as a donkey, dog, chickens, cats and rabbits. Most of the horses are Finnhorses.

At the farm, you can ride horses under instruction on a field and the terrain surrounding the premises by participating in a day camp (a 2–3-hour horseback trek across a beautiful and varying landscape) or a week camp. Reliable and safe horses are used in all the activities, with over 20 years of experience.

  • Päiväleirit 5 h alk. 60 €/hlö

  • Viikkoleirit alk. 320 €/hlö 

Price per person from

60 €


Kayaking courses, canoe rentals

Viitakko is a full-service kayaking centre at the heart of the best kayaking waters in Eastern Finland. Viitakko organises kayaking trips on the River Vaikkojoki in Kaavi and on Lake Saimaa, starting from the Summa channel or Tuusniemi harbour. The kayaking guides have completed training by the Finnish canoe society. You can also rent high-quality kayaking equipment and SUP boards. You can also hire the Viitakko instructors and rent  the equipment for other bodies of water of your choice.

Price per person

Upon request


Savonian Olympics

Group games in Savonian spirit since 1989! There is a number of local and fun sports you can try your skills with - eg. archery, cross-country skiing, kicksledding, snail races depending on the time of the year and guest preferences. These Olympics are not only about strength or skills but you also need to use your intellect! 

  • Duration 1,5 h

  • Group size 10 – 200 people

Price per person from

25 €


Paintball tournament

High-intensity action for co-workers or a group of friends! What could be more fun than eliminating your opponents and fighting for your team’s victory?  Should you ambush your enemy or charge straight towards your opponent? – It’s for you to decide!

You can also rent out the equipment and organise your own private paintball war. For groups only.

  • Kesto: alk. 1h

  • Hinta:  50 €/hlö

  • Ryhmä: 8 – 25 hlö

Mahdollisuus myös vuokrata varusteet ja järjestää oma privaatti värikuulasota. 

Price per person from

50 €



In Geocaching we hunt in groups or individually hidden outdoor treasures. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Each container has different tasks to be performed. This activity can be arranged as a relaxing walk in nature or as a challenging group contest.

The program is available throughout the year.

  • Duration 1,5 – 4h

  • Group size: 6-30 hlöä

  • Price: 300 € / group of 10 people (extra people +23 €/p.p.)

  • Includes rental of GPS devices and headlamps (if necessary)

Price per person from

30 €


Adventure tower and zipline

The adventure tower tempts visitors to try climbing and zipline activities. Reach the heights of up to 12 metres under the guidance of proficient instructors. The adventure tower delights groups, companies and organisations with a hunger for experiencing something fun and new. Also suitable for special groups, and children and young people.

The adventure tower will boost your team work and enable you to overcome yourself. No prior experience necessary.

The adventure tower includes a climbing wall, basket tower climbing, a zipline and a Jacob’s ladder. Request a quote for a track tailored to your group’s specific wishes

Price per person

25 €

Shining stars and northern lights


The tour starts from Vaikon Loma ja Lohi and leads to Syrjävaara Darkness Observatory, where we get to know darkness and its different dimensions, admiring the stars and northern lights with telescopes, guided by entrepreneur Olli Reijonen. The price includes picnic lunches. From here we return to Kärenkoski and continue with a sauna and many more, enjoying the stars and the northern lights. In the evening, you can enjoy a warp salmon meal in the atmospheric Kärenkoski hut. Duration: 6-8 h; (weather permitting).

Price per person

49 €

White water rafting 
in Vaikkojoki 


White water rafting in Vaikkojoki is an exciting and memorable experience. The 17 km long excursions are made on safe raft boats under the guidance of the host and professional guides. You can also paddle on the 50 km long wilderness trail with canoes we rent. On the trip you can also enjoy, for example, a warp salmon meal and campfire coffees on request.

Price: 49 e / person (meals are not included in the price)

Price per person

from 49 €

White water rafting by canoeing


Vaikkojoki white water rafting by canoeing is an exciting and memorable experience and you can also paddle a 50 km long wilderness rapids route or part of it, for example 17 km, either with your own or with our rented canoes. On the trip you can also enjoy, for example, a warp salmon meal and campfire coffees on request.

Price per person

Upon request

Culture and entertainment

Maarianvaara summer theatre

For friends of the theatre arts, Kaavi offers genuine local performing arts in an idyllic rural milieu!


Upon request


Hot tub rental

By Koillis-Savon paljunvuokraus

Nothing is more relaxing than bathing in a hot tub with a group of friends. It works perfectly in any weather!

Rent a hot tub for 5-7 people directly to your summer cottage. Delivered always properly washed and disinfected.

Price per day

from 80 €


Juojärven Aarnitulet fire show

Juojärven Aarnitulet is an artistic group from Tuusniemi, which specializes in impressive fire performances combing dance, music and nature mystics. 

The group has created “Tulivenetsialaiset”-event, which is organised in the beginnig of September in Tuusniemi harbour. Event has become an official closing ceremony of the summer season, attracting hundreds of visitors. 

Performances can be ordered and tailored for private events with different variations.


Upon request


Entertainment to events

By Maarianvaaran ohjelmapalvelu

Want to organize an unforgettable occasion for your party or group? The Maarianvaara Program Workshop, which has been operating since 2005, offers a suitable humorist, speaker,  an orchestra, musician, presenter, or surprise guest.  

The program is customized and written exactly according to the client's wishes. The price depends on the group size, time and duration of the program.



Handicraft and art courses

Try pottery

We shape natural animal sculptures out of clay. In case of good weather, work outdoors, enjoying and inspired by the magnificent scenery of Lake Juojärvi. On the day of glazing, the work is treated with oxides to highlight the rough surface shapes. Pick-up of completed work 30.7. or separately agreed mailing


55 eur


Cell course Earth-Water-Air-Fire:

(20h) 165, - / person. The course includes clay (5kg / person), glaze and burning. Suitable for both beginners and those who have previously practiced ceramics. Group size 6-10 people.

17.7. and 18.7 10-16 and glazing / firing 24.7. 10-18
We get acquainted with cell technology and make 3-5 works of our own choice from clay. The raw fired works are glazed with crack glazing and burned together outdoors in a gas oven.

The burning of granular ceramics is a spectacular event: the works are placed in a heat-insulated oven, the temperature of the oven is raised to over a thousand degrees, when the oven is opened and the works are lifted one by one with pliers into a smoking vessel. Smoking gives the desired crackle pattern to the surface of the work. From the smoking vessel, the work is transferred to water, where the process is interrupted, the work is cooled and then the wonderful finished works are washed out from the middle of the ash. The second teacher of the course is Mari Kaija.

Price per day

from 165 €


Lace pottery

We get acquainted with plate technology, rolling gray clay plates with lace cloths. From the plates we design unique breakfast sets or a romantic bowl set. You can bring your own lace, so you can immortalize even your family's memories to work.
The works are glazed on the day of glazing with white glossy glaze. Pick-up of completed work 30.7. or separately agreed mailing.


55 eur


Summer ceramics for the whole family

For primary school children, an adult must be included in the group. The course includes clay (6kg / group), glaze and burns. Suitable for both beginners and those who have previously practiced ceramics. Group size 4-6 groups. Each group creates a joint work in the form of a large tray or a work to be placed on the wall. The subjects of the work are explored in the middle of the flowers or by the lake, according to the choice of the group

Price / group

125 eur

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