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Cultural-historical places to visit in the surrounding municipalities

Beauty & wellness services in Tuusniemi


Hannan Kampaamo

Hairdresser in Tuusniemi. Gift cards and high-quality care and design products are also on sale! Appointment 0400-273489. 


Rehabilitation of Tuusniemi

"Our business is based on individual service that moves towards the customer's needs and goals, as well as strong professional competence."

Entrepreneur Veera Jäppinen graduated as a physiotherapist in 2014. Veera meets each client with warmth and focuses on the client's needs individually and holistically.

A member company of the Finnish Rehabilitation Entrepreneurs and Finnish Entrepreneurs and a partnership company of Fysi Partners Finland Oy.

Hair Salon

Hairdresser Eeva

Hairdresser in Tuusniemi. Appointment 044-5630347.



"Hyvvee is for people of all ages in Tuusniemi"

Trained masseuse Miia Kröger  

  • Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Fascia treatment

  • Suction cup massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Hot stone massage


Massage by Mirja Poutiainen

Massage, voice massage and Indian head massage in Tuusniemi. 

Beauty and wellness services in Kaavi


Hairdresser Starzi

Quality services for the hair of the whole family with a cheerful kindness and respect for the wishes of the customer,  In the heart of the scraper, the business center in Iso-Oskar. 

MR Style.jpg

MR Style

Hairdressing salon in Kaavi with excellent service.


Sonja beauty salon

Cosmetology services, facials, pedicures, body treatments, manicures, pigmentations, extension lashes, infrared sauna.


Coral pedicure & relaxation service

Health related pedicures

Relaxing pedicures,

Reflexology massage of the feet

Indian head massage

Driving instructions


  • Versatile Physiotherapy service in Kaavi!

  • Musculoskeletal and rehabilitation

  • KELA's demanding medical therapy service *

  • Aftercare and rehabilitation of injuries and surgeries

  • Veteran and geriatric rehabilitation

  • Massage

  • Kinesio taping and fascia treatments

  • Work ergonomics controls

  • PhysioPilates

  • MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy)

  • Gym controls

  • Mediteam shop

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