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Accommodation at the heart of nature

A forest hotel, a luxury villa in the wilderness or a quaint little cottage?  A party after bathing in a sauna or a conference with nature activities? We offer accommodation close to nature to suit a variety of tastes – beautiful scenery guaranteed.

Apartments and hotels

Apartment accommodation in the middle of a rural landscape with modern amenities and a high-quality 11-person cottage. Versatile conference, catering and entertainment services. A smoke sauna and an equipment rental service. Also suitable for groups, in total 62 beds. 



A forest hotel and a Christian activity centre and a hotel at the heart of nature in Levälahti, Tuusniemi.


  • 2-4 person hotel rooms 

  • In total 80 beds

  • Banqueting room

  • Sauna facilities, and a swimming pool

  • A salmon pond

  • Perfect for groups and events


High-quality accommodation for small groups in a manor-like rural milieu by a lake in Kortteinen, Kaavi.

● 2–3-person hotel rooms with all amenities (8 rooms).

● Breakfast (optional)

● Guests have access to a rowboat, canoe, bicycles and game equipment, a lakeside sauna and shared facilities with a kitchen.

● Fishing licences sold to the area

● Excellent customer feedback! 


Hotel restaurant

Accommodation and restaurant services in the centre of Kaavi.

  • ● Two-person hotel rooms.

  • ● Restaurant facilities can also be booked for private events; arrangements available for catering, coffee amenities and entertainment such as karaoke and live performers.

Apartments and hotels
Caravan & camping sites
Caravan & camping


Accommodation near the Tuusniemi centre on Lake Juojärvi in the Puistosatama harbour. 


  • Camping sites and small lodges

  • Hotel rooms.

  • Lakeside sauna.

  • HojoHojo entertainment centre services (bar, restaurant).


  • Room accommodation from 38 €/night, camping place from 25 €/night.

Vacation rentals
Vacation rentals


High-quality cottage accommodation with excellent services with the beautiful lakeside scenery of Kojanlahti bay. In total 9 different cottages for 2–6 guests, some suitable for winter accommodation.

  • 9 cottages for 4-10 persons



A popular holiday centre by the peaceful and beautiful Lake Vihtajärvi.

● 2–6-person holiday cottages (9 cottages) with all amenities and the “Ukkoherra” wilderness cabin.

● Fishing licences for the lake area and River Vaikkojoki (whitefish, pike perch, trout, Northern pike, salmon and other lake fish)

● Grocery delivery service option

● Taxi services


Naturestay cottages in Tuusniemi

Two peaceful summer cottages in the heart of the wilderness of the Savo region by Lake Juojärvi rich in fish and clear water.

  • 1 x 5 person cottage, 1 x 2 person cottage

  • Rowing boat inclusive - possibility to to rent canoes and sup boards.

  • Perfect for couples and small families.


Soinila holiday cottages

Lakeside cottages for 4-6 guests surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Lake Rikkavesi.

  • 2  x well equipped lakeside cottages for 4-6 persons, 1 x cottage in an island for 3 persons 

  • Barbecue hut or site, rowing boat inclusive in the rent.  


Tourism Majo

Three spacious holiday cottages in the lakeside scenery of Tuusniemi.


  • 3 spacious cottages for 8-10 persons.


Child's holiday and Salmon

Sustainable tourism and comfortable accommodation in a forest cabin with services surrounded by naturally beautiful lakeside scenery of river Vaikkojoki and the Kärenkoski rapids in Kaavi.

● Timber cabins for 4–6 people (9 cabins), each equipped with all amenities and a rowing boat

● Northern lights photography and hammock tourism

● Guided rafting trips with safe, large wooden boats for 10-30 persons on river Vaikkojoki.

● Canoes and fishing equipment for rent.

● Fishing trips and licences for river Vaikkojoki (whitefish, pike perch, trout, Northern pike, salmon and other lake fish)

● Hunting trips

● A dedicated streambed for salmon fishing and a fish smoker so you can smoke your catch

● Saunas and hot tubs for even a bigger group

● Grocery delivery service option

● A pioneer in sustainable tourism – Green Key, FSC and organic farming certificate


Aimo holiday cottages

An ecological cottage by Lake Kotajärvi rich in fish in the southern part of Tuusniemi.

  • 1+4 henkilöä


Grandma's room and chamber

Cozy accommodation in a quaint little cottage in the style of "grandma's house" in the Kosula village, southern Tuusniemi.


  • A wood-heated sauna.

  • Breakfast available in the Luostaritie village shop.

Suvaksen Helmi 2011.jpg

Suvas tourism

Executive-class wilderness accommodation in southern Tuusniemi.


  • A lakeside villa for 4-6 guests,

  • A luxury timber villa for 4-10 guests.

  • Guided hunting activities. ​


Mikkala farm

An authentic rural environment and versatile opportunities for recreational activities! A popular holiday resort for families with children, groups, friends and companies alike.

● Large living room, kitchen, bedrooms, toilet and sauna. In total 14 beds.

● The outdoor area includes a timber hut for around 20 guests, lakeside sauna, a game room (incl. a pool table), and an 18-hole disc golf course, which can be used year-round.

● Well-kept ski tracks during winter (24 km).

● Tennis/badminton equipment (Kaavi Sports Hall, €20/session)

● Hunting activities offered

● In the summers, cows are grazing on the valuable traditional biotope landscape

● The large facilities are also well-suited to family celebrations and meetings, and events such as sport afternoons

Hunting lodges
Hunting lodges
(for accommodation , meetings and events)

Private front

A hunting society lodge that can be booked for conferences and accommodation. Accommodation for 6 guests, conference facilities and dishware for up to 100 persons. Sauna, campfire site, dog pound.



A former village school building constructed in 1921 that serves as a versatile banquet, conference and accommodation facility. Located alongside the Seinävuori-Kaavinkoski hiking trail. Accommodation for 12 guests (joint accommodation). Conference and banquet facilities for around 50 persons. Lean-to and sauna also located on the premises.​

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