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Cultural-historical places to visit in the surrounding municipalities



Syrjävaara Goodnight observatorium 

The dome of an astronomical observatory on the roof of a cowshed dating back to the 1700s has been constructed on the top of the Syrjävaara hill in Kaavi – a sight to behold on its own. This is one of Finland’s darkest places, where there is no light pollution to distract you from observing distant galaxies and the polar lights shining above Lapland. In the downstairs area of the observatory, you will find a collection of astonishingly beautiful photographs compiled of the images taken with the telescopes and an exhibition of polar lights photography. A night sky park has also been completed in the area, including vantage points for the phenomena in the night sky as well as lean-tos. A local company organises courses and training for those interested in astronomy and photographing the dark sky. 


Tuomaala riding school

The Tuomaala farm is a brilliant place to visit for families with children and anyone interested in riding horses. This is a working farm occupied by ponies and horses as well as other domestic animals, such as a donkey, dog, chickens, cats and rabbits. Most of the horses are Finnhorses.

At the farm, you can ride horses under instruction on a field and the terrain surrounding the premises by participating in a day camp (a 2–3-hour horseback trek across a beautiful and varying landscape) or a week camp. Reliable and safe horses are used in all the activities, with over 20 years of experience.


NatureStay SUP boards and canoes

SUP board and canoe rental in southern Tuusniemi in Ranta-Kosula. 


Vaikon Loma & Lohi SUP-boards & canoes

SUP board and canoe rental with accessories in the landscape of Vaikkojoki in Kaavi! 


Viitakko - kayak, canoe and SUP board rental

Kayak, canoe and SUP board rentals + guided kayaking courses. Kayaks from 50 eur / day + delivery 20 eur (depending on the distance). 

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HojoHojo entertainment centre

One of the most well-known places in Tuusniemi is HojoHojo, a legendary entertainment centre, which has been making dancing enthusiasts go wild ever since 1995.  Sense the atmosphere of a nightless night at the traditional dancing venue while listening to Finland’s top artists. Hojo has a full alcohol serving licence, a karaoke bar, cottages, hotel rooms, camping area accommodation and a lakeside sauna.


Maarianvaara summer theatre

For friends of the theatre arts, Kaavi offers genuine local performing arts and interesting concerts in an idyllic rural milieu!


Sivakka  dancing venue

The Sivakkavaara village in the municipality of Kaavi has one of Finland’s oldest dancing venues. Dances are organised from June to August, typically on Sundays. Please check events for details. 




Interested in geocaching? There are plenty of geocaches hidden around the Tuusniemi and Kaavi region. According to, there are hundreds of geocaches hidden in the forest terrain and particularly the archipelago of Tuusniemi and Kaavi, waiting for you to find them. The Lake Suvasvesi strait, which is an excellent place for kayaking, has a particularly high amount of geocaches.


Exercise stairs

In autumn 2020, the Tuusniemi local residents’ association constructed new exercise stairs, that are beautifully aligned with the surrounding hill near the Tuusniemi centre.


The stairs are sure to challenge even the most enthusiastic athletes as there are nearly 300 of them.

The Patahmontie and Keskitie junction, Tuusniemi.


Skiing tracks (Tuusniemi)

The municipality of Tuusniemi maintains free skiing tracks (around 2,75 km) during winter time. A longer 10 km loop is opened around Pahkasaari Island, depending on weather and ice conditions.  


Swimming places

There are plenty of freshwater lakes and well-maintained beaches and places in the area. Some bathing areas also have a barbecue area for a picnic.  Details and addresses  The numerous beaches and bathing areas maintained by the municipality and village associations can be found below:

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-20 at

Mushroom and berry picking

There is a long mushroom and berry picking tradition in the northeast Savo region. Kaavi and Tuusniemi are known for being rich in wild berries and mushrooms: the local forests are particularly abundant in bilberries, raspberries, lingonberries and black crowberries, and you can also find cranberries and cloudberries around the local wetlands. Recent years have also been particularly good for mushrooms, including porcini, chanterelles, yellowfeet, russulas and milk-caps. Some of the great places for picking berries and mushrooms are located right along the hiking trails. Take a bucket and a small knife with you – you might find local delicacies along your path that are most certainly ecological and good for you!


Skiing tracks (Kaavi)

During winter time municipality of Kaavi maintains the following skiing tracks for both traditional and skating styles: 

  • Peltolatu: about 1,6 km.

  • Paanalanlenkki, about. 9 km 

  • Kuntorata 5 / 3 km. 

In addition there is a skiing track "Kaskenhiihto" Kaavi-Rasimäki ábout 10 km/one way maintained by volunteers.  


Monastery cruises

Summer cruises with m/s Sergei on one of the Finland's most beautiful waterway, from Kermajärvi via Karvio channels and lake Juojärvi to the Valamo Monastery. 

Karvio-Valamo 10.30-13.15  (36€)

Valamo-Karvio 17.00-19.30  (36€)

Valamo-Taivallahti channel-Valamo 14.00-16.15 (26 €)

Karvio-Valamo-Karvio 10.30-19.30  incl. lunch in Valamo monastery restaurant. (84€)

Evening cruises  20.00-21.30 (26€)

Check also special thematic cruises with live artists.

Boat has a Cafeteria and bar, where you can taste monastery wines and liquors.  Cruises start on 18.6.



Lakes Juojärvi, Rikkavesi, Suvasvesi and the smaller lakes in the region are known for their clear and clean water as well as their abundant and versatile fish species, including pikes, perches, pike perches, vendaces and trout. You can easily order a fishing licence online or buy one from the Teboil petrol station in Tuusniemi.


Scrape DiscGolfPark

An 18-lane disc golf forest course located in the terrain of Iloharju in Kaavi. The track offers something for both beginners and those more familiar with the sport.

Free of charge. 


Mikkala disc golf track

A truly exotic and different disc golf experience! An 18-lane track is built on traditional farm landscape, partly on cow pasture land. Fields, forests, fences, occasional cows wandering here and there, up- and downhills, short and long tracks. You can easily spend here throwing the entire day! No entrance fee- welcome to check it out! Ask also quotation for accommodation and food services! 


Tuusniemi disc golf tracks

A 9-hole forest track near a running track passing through a varying terrain.

Free of charge.


Puistosatama  playground and Beach volley court

Whatever your age, you are sure to find something to do at the Tuusniemi harbour: an AngryBirds boat with various activities, a beach volley court, a barbeque hut and a beach with a hard bottom suitable for children located next to the Helmi café at Lake Juojärvi.

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