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Museums and churches


Telkkämäki open-air slash and burn heritage museum

In Telkkämäki, you can get to know the authentic slash and burn tradition, which has left long roots in Eastern Finnish culture. The name of the district "Savo" originally derives from the world "savvo" meaning smoke. The area is about 100 ha. Every year, some of the area's forests are burned and cultivated using traditional working methods.

The current main building dates from the late 19th century. The house has been restored to an early 20th century style. In addition to the main building, there are barns and a smoke sauna in the courtyard. In addition to the beautifully grayed-out buildings, the courtyard includes animals grazing there. Every summer, farm-type sheep, cows, chickens and horses roam the pastures of Telkkämäki. 

Opening hours: Free admission all year round.

Entrance fee: 0 eur

Guided tours: The guide is on call during the summer, possibility for guided group tours upon request.

Events: Telkkämäki organises annual public events such as slash and burn show, turnip and rye sowing as well as rye threshing in rye, turnip picking and the Puskasoitto concert. Check out the events here.


Juutila foundry

A unique Nordic sand casting museum in Kaehin Vehkalahti, in an old foundry.
The opening of the Old Foundry in Juutila was held in June 2004.

The Juutila foundry was founded in 1881. The foundry's product range consisted of a typical collection of clocks, watches and strings. As a result of active product development, original solutions and recognizable style features emerged, thanks to which Juutila's objects can be distinguished into their own group. In the 1960s, church bells came into production. The new foundry was completed in 1983 and the old workshop has been restored as a museum.

Opening hours: Open by appointment, tel. +358 50 546 1317

Entrance fee: 0 eur


Local history Museum Eloaitta

Eloaitta is a local history museum located in the church village of Kaavi, where you can get to know the life of the past in Kaavi. The facilities of the old grain warehouse also provide excellent facilities for holding the meetings of the parish club as well as various cultural events. Exhibitions organized by professionals change.

Opening hours: Open during the summer at a specified time

Tel. in summer +358 40 542 0233

Entrance fee: 0 eur


Tuusniemi local history museum

The local museum of cultural history, located in the center of Tuusniemi opposite the town hall, presents local household and agricultural artefacts in the parish's old grain warehouse.

The museum organizes museum days in the summer by the local regional association.

Opening hours: In summer

Admission fee: Optional


Tuusniemi Church

Tuusniemi Church is located right in the center of the church village.

The church was built in 1869 after the previous church was destroyed by fire. The church has 820 seats and is a rare vertical log church. The altarpiece was painted by Petersen, a pharmacist who influenced the 1920s in Tuusniemi. The current 20-voice organ was built in the church in 1990.

The belfry next to the church was built in 1818.


Scraper Church

The past and the present meet at Kaavi Church, as the glass façade of the church entrance reflects an old belfry saved in a fire. The belfry was erected to its current location in 1815, and the new church of Kaavi was consecrated in 1983.

The church has 550 seats.

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