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Cultural-historical places to visit in the surrounding municipalities


Frisbeegolf radat

Syrjävaara Goodnight Observatory and Star Park

The dome of the observatory has risen on the roof of Kaavi's Syrjävaara, on the roof of the barn of an 18th-century farmhouse - which is already worth seeing in itself. This is one of the darkest places in Finland, where light pollution does not interfere with the observation of distant galaxies and northern lights in Lapland. Downstairs in the observatory are amazingly beautiful images collected from telescopes and an exhibition of northern lights. A star park has also been completed in the area - observation stations and shelters for night sky phenomena. The company organizes courses and training for those interested in dark sky photography and astronomy.


Smoke saunas

How would you feel relaxing in the gentle steam of an atmospheric smoke sauna? And after the steams, pop into a swim and bathe in the "wanderer"?  

There are several smoke saunas in Tuusniemi, which you can easily rent for your party. See our "smoke saunas" page for more information.  

Kaavinkoski Saunapirtti has general smoke sauna shifts from 5 pm / person on summer Wednesday evenings from 18:00 to 21:00.


Tuomaala equestrian farm

Tuomaala Farm is a great place to visit for families with children and those interested in horse riding. At issue  is a functioning farm with  inhabit equestrian ponies and horses and other domestic animals such as donkeys, dogs, chickens, cats and rabbits. Most horses  there are Finnish horses.

At the farmstead you can ride a guided ride on the field and off-road  by participating  for a day camp (2-3 hours of hiking  in beautiful changing landscapes) or for weekly camps. All programs are implemented  with reliable and confident horses with over 20 years of experience. The payment methods are e.g. mobilepay. For more information and reservations: +358 50 5536929


Smoke saunas

How would you feel relaxing in the gentle steam of an atmospheric smoke sauna? And after the steams, pop into a swim and bathe in the "wanderer"?  

There are several smoke saunas in Tuusniemi, which you can easily rent for your party. See our "smoke saunas" page for more information.  

Kaavinkoski Saunapirtti has general smoke sauna shifts from 5 pm / person on summer Wednesday evenings from 18:00 to 21:00.


NatureStay SUP boards and canoes

SUP ferries and canoe rental in southern Tuusniemi in Ranta-Kosula. Take contact!  


Vaikon Loma & Salmon SUP boards and canoes

SUP ferries and canoe rental with accessories in the scenery of Vaikkojoki in Kaavi! 


Jungle - kayaks, canoes and SUP boards

Kayak, canoe and SUP raft rentals + guided kayaking courses. Kayaks from 50 eur / day + delivery 20 eur (depending on the distance). 

Tiede ja avaruus

Inland and canal cruises  m / s Puijo

The Heinävesi canal route from Savonlinna to Kuopio is one of the most beautiful shipping routes in Finland.

With the M / S Puijo ship, you can experience the havana of history by traveling and seeing the traditional landscapes and experiencing the atmosphere of a real inland cruise. The nearest port to Tuusniemi is Palokki (38 km).  See schedules and options here. 


stage dances

The village of Sivakkavaara in the municipality of Kaavi has one of the oldest dance stages in Finland.

There are dances from June to August, usually on Sundays from 19:00 to 23:00.

Café, toilet.


Entertainment center HojoHojo

One of the most famous places in Tuusniemi is the legendary entertainment center HojoHojo, which has been wild with its dance people since 1995.  Test  the atmosphere of a nightless dance floor on the shores of Lake Juojärvi to the beat of Finland's number one artists. Of course you will find A-licenses, a karaoke bar, cottages, hotel rooms, camping accommodation and a beach sauna. 


Maarianvaara Summer Theater

For lovers of theater, Kaavi has authentic Savo performing arts in an idyllic rural setting!  Maarianvaara Summer Theater is a professional theater operating in Kaavi, whose background community is the Maarianvaara Youth Association.

The summer theater performs at the Maarianvaara Youth Observatory, but  also does touring theater all over Finland. The tour focuses on summer time, but from time to time the summer theater is also open during other seasons. 



There is plenty to discover for geocaching enthusiasts in the Tuusniemi and Kaavi area!  According to, there are hundreds of geocaches waiting to be discovered in the forest terrain of the Tuusniemi and Kaavi areas, and especially in the archipelago. There seem to be a particularly large number of caches in the narrow area of the Suvasvesi area, which is excellent  canoeing. 


Fitness stairs

Stair training has become one of the fitness trends of recent years - and no wonder:

Step strain training effectively strengthens endurance, lower limb muscles and the respiratory circulatory system.  

In the autumn of 2020, the Tuusniemi Village Association has built new fitness steps designed by Minna and Miko Rajamo, close to the center of Tuusniemi. Trotting is enough for even lustful fitness enthusiasts, as there are stairs  is almost 300. 


Ski trails (Tuusniemi)

The municipality of Tuusniemi maintains cross-country ski trails in good condition  in the terrain in the Lautala outdoor area (about 2.75 km) and in the vicinity of the school center (about 1 km). The trails will be kept open every day of the week during the morning, if weather conditions allow.

In addition to the ice of Lake Juojärvi  made in winter on the piste  from the port around the island of Pahkasalo (10 km) if the ice and snow conditions allow it. (The decision to make ice rinks is made according to the weather conditions.)


Swimming places

There are plenty of freshwater lakes and well-maintained beaches and places in the area. Some bathing areas also have a barbecue area for a picnic.  Details and addresses  The numerous beaches and bathing areas maintained by the municipality and village associations can be found below:

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-20 at

Mushrooming and berry picking 

In northeastern Savo, berry picking and mushroom picking have a long tradition. Kaavi and Tuusniemi are known for their abundance  blueberries, raspberries, lingonberries, cranberries are particularly  cranberries and  strikes (jams). Mushroom harvests have been exceptionally abundant in recent years - delicacies, chanterelles, funnel warblers, chanterelles, crumbs. There are good places for berries and mushrooms, for example, along the hiking trails - bring a bucket and a Mushroom Knife, as the catch can be  organic and definitely healthy gourmet food!  


Ski trails (Kaavi)

The municipality of Kaavi maintains the following traditional and skating-style cross-country ski trails in winter:   

  • Field trail: about 1.6 km of charging trail in traditional and free style in a church village in the area of the guest marina and in a nearby field.

  • Paanalanlenkki,  approx. 9 km (traditional and free style)

  • Fitness track / floodlit trail 5 km church village  . Renovated 3 km  church village (traditional and free style)

  • Kaskenhiihto charging route between Kaavi-Rasimäki n.  10 km / direction. Renovated with the help of labor, used so far on the traditional ski slope. The trail can be reached from Rasimäki and along Niemeläntie. 


Cruises from Valamo Monastery

In the summer, lake cruises with 86-seat m / s Sergei are organized from Valamo Monastery.  

Cruise days from Wednesday to Sunday from June 18th.  

Karvio-Valamo 10.30-13.15  (36 €)

Valamo-Karvio 17.00-19.30  (36 €)

Valamo-Taivallahti canal-Valamo 14.00-16.15 (26 €)

Karvio-Valamo-Karvio 10.30-19.30  incl. lunch in Valamo. (84 €)

Karvio evening cruises to Kermajärvi 20.00-21.30 (26 €)

The ship has A-licenses and cafeteria sales. Cruises start on June 18th.


Hockey Sticks &  skating rinks

In winter, the Tuusniemi and Kaavi schools maintain a hockey rink and an ice rink.  See below for more information. 



Lake Juojärvi, Rikkavesi, Suvasvesi and the smaller lakes in the area are known for their clear and clean water, also for their abundant and diverse fish stock;  perch, pikeperch, pike, vendace and trout. You can conveniently order a fishing permit online or buy one from Tuusniemi Teboil.


Scrape DiscGolfPark

An 18-lane frisbee golf course has opened in the terrain of Kaavi's Iloharju. The track follows the chewing track in the area, but the fairways do not run along the chewing track. The track offers something for both beginners and those more familiar with the sport.

Use of the Frisbee Golf Course is free.


Mikkalan Frisbee golf course.

18-lane of Mikkala farmhouse  frisbee golf course Kaavilla offers a completely different and exotic frisbee golf experience. The track is built in an authentic rural landscape;  is on the route  tumbling  cows, fences, fields, forest terrain, uphill and downhill, long and short fairways, etc. Definitely a place worth experiencing, where you can play all day long. If necessary, accommodation and catering services are also available from Mikkala Farm. 

Use of the Frisbee golf course is free, please notify us in advance.  


Outokumpu GOLF

The Keret field was designed by the American Ronald Fream and is built in an old mining environment, which is an environmental act in itself. The imprint of Fream’s hands is especially visible as the mounds surrounding the greens. The greens are moderately small but very receptive. The fairways have a lot of space and are generally in excellent condition. Keret has nine lanes on the field, which allows you to play fast, for example, after a day's work. There is usually always room on the field, so you can easily play on the same day. Welcome!

Distance from Tuusniemi: 103 km

Distance from Kaavi : 99 km 


Tuusniemi Frisbee golf course

A 9-lane forest trail running along the chewing track, in varying terrain.



Park Harbor Playground and Beachvolley Field

The Tuusniemi park harbor has something for everyone:  AngryBirds multipurpose ship,  beachvolley field, barbecue hut and a hard-bottomed sandy beach next to Juojärvi Helmi Café.  


Outokumpu mine frisbee golf course

An 18-lane frisbee golf course completed in the summer of 2015 for Outokumpu's Old Mine. In 2016, the track got its final appearance and is now fully completed. An 18-lane fine complex in the idyllic setting of Outokumpu's Old Mine. The track is now free to play.

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